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Helping clients grow internationally

Kreston GTA is a member of the Kreston Global Network. Founded 50 years ago, Kreston Global’s aim is to help businesses and people succeed internationally.

Each Kreston Global member is an independent practice with sole responsibility for its own work, staff and clients. We all hold the same values which is why clients know they’ll get the same exceptional level of service wherever they meet us.

Whatever your challenge, a Kreston Global member will be on hand to provide expert support. And if we come across something we don’t know, we’ll find and work with a specialist who does.

Modern accountancy means you need 24-hour global coverage – we can take the pressure off you as you negotiate cultures, regulatory regimes and different business environments.

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Kreston Global

The Kreston Global Network

Kreston Global is an international accounting network providing advisory and accountancy services to businesses in 6 continents and 115 countries. Founded in 1971 the network brings together more than 25,000 talented people in professional and support roles.

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